Railway Station

I’m not a railway enthusiast but I couldn’t help but be impressed by the small collection of engines that are located at the sidings at the old station.

The railway was the first built in Estonia in 1870. In 1905 it reached Haapsalu. The town was one of the official resorts for royal family. So the station was designed with great chic. The building has 4 parts- the Emperor’s Pavilion and passengers waiting hall are divided by a roofed hall, and they are set along by a roofed platform. The beautifully decorated wooden platform was one of the longest platforms in the world when built – it is 216 m long. In 1970 the railway was closed in Haapsalu and the museum was established in the station building. Often the old platform and the building are used as a film set, for example once it “played” Moscow railway station when Anna Karenina was jumping under the train.